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Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Need some down-to-earth, common-sense help for handling disturbing thoughts, feelings or behaviors?

You don't have to be "crazy" or "mental" or "lolo" to see a psychologist!

In fact, hardly any of the people I see are "crazy." Most of the people I see are regular, everyday folks who are having a rough time with something going on in their life.

Here are some of the areas in which I can help:

If you're dragged down by depression, I can show you how to get your old spark back.

If you're worn out by anxiety, worry or phobias, I can teach you physical and mental ways to calm yourself, face your fears and overcome them. (Special expertise in fear of going to the dentist, fear of injections/flu shots and fear of flying.)

If you fly off the handle and say or do things that you later regret, I can help you harness your anger and redirect that energy into solving problems instead of yelling about them.

If you're stuck in a relationship that is sucking the life out of you (rather than energizing you with life), I can help you try to fix it, or, failing that, get the courage to leave it.

If you're down and out (unemployed, no friends or family, homeless and hopeless), I can help you get back on your feet. 

If you're struggling with bulimia or dieting, I can help you return to natural eating and to a weight that is good for your health and your self-esteem.

If you're battling a drinking or drug problem, or any kind of "overdoing it," I can help you free yourself of these slavemasters.

If you're a parent whose child's behavior is driving you nuts, I can show you a few tricks that will put you back in charge.

If you're a teenager, I can help you with problems coming from "The 3 P's": Parents, Peers or Pressure.
If someone in your family has had a stroke, lost a limb, or suffers from Alzheimer's or dementia (old age senility), I can help you understand your loved one and help him or her adjust to the disability.

There are MANY other reasons that you might seek help from a psychologist.  Give me a call and tell me briefly what you want help with. If  your problem is something outside my areas of expertise, I'd be glad to help you find a psychologist who is better qualified to help you.

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