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My Professional Licenses

First licensed in 1984 in the State of Hawaii
License Number: PSY-307

For your own information, the higher a psychologist's license number, the more recently did he or she get the license.
Hawaii psychologists who were just licensed in 2009, for example, will have license numbers in the 1100's range or thereabouts.

It is a GOOD IDEA to check the status of any psychologist you are considering consulting. There have been instances of people with doctoral degrees in psychology, practicing without a license. This is illegal.

You can verify my status (and that of many other professionals who are required to be licensed by the State of Hawaii) by contacting the:

Hawaii State Professional Licensing Division
Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
335 Merchant St.  Room 301
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 586-3000

I also have "inactive" psychology licenses in states where I used to live:



Professional Associations

Hawaii Psychological Association  (Current member)
American Psychological Association (Past member)
New York Area Skeptics (Past member)

National Association of Science Writers (Past member)

Educational Background (listed from most recent to earliest)

New York University, New York, NY
M.A. & Certificate, 1999    Journalism, with specialization in science writing

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI
Ph.D. 1984                         Clinical psychology
Doctoral Dissertation: "Competency To Stand Trial: A Judgment Analysis"

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI
M.A. 1982                          Clinical psychology
Master's Thesis: "The Incidence of Anorexia & Bulimia in College Women on Oahu"

Hunter College of the City University of New York, NY, NY
1978                                  General graduate-level psychology courses

Teachers College of Columbia University, NY, NY
1977                                 Counseling psychology graduate-level courses

Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY
Non-Matriculated 1975      Undergraduate psychology courses

State University of New York at Purchase, Purchase, NY
Non-Matriculated 1975      Undergraduate psychology courses

Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa
B.A. with honors 1972
Majors: Theatre, Communications

Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale, NY
Honors Graduate 1968

Past Employment In Psychology

Supervised Lifestyles, Brewster, NY
Staff Psychologist; Consulting Psychologist  - 11/1990  to 5/1998
Adult Chronic Mentally Ill  (Residential)
Individual, family and group therapy. Staff training. Program design.

Pace University, Pleasantville, NY
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology -  1/1997 to 5/1997
Undergraduate course in Abnormal Psychology

Cognitive-Behavioral Services (Project Shift), Pomona, NY
Staff psychologist  - 6/1989 to 3/1991
Young Adult Substance Abusers (Outpatient & County Jail Inmates)
Individual assessment and therapy. 3-year demonstration project/grant.

Eating Attitude Therapy (E.A.T.), Honolulu, HI
Private Practice - 2/1985 to 12/1987
Adult Eating Disorders  (Outpatient)
Individual therapy, family therapy and homogeneous groups. Public education lectures.

Dept. of Education, State of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
Team/Teacher Consultant - 10/1986 to 6/1987
Classroom observation, teacher training for emotionally disturbed students.

Kalihi-Palama Counseling Services, Dept. of Health, State of HI , Honolulu, HI
Staff psychologist, Community Mental Health Clinic - 1/1986 to 6/1987
Child/School/Systems  (Outpatient)
Community outreach, individual and family therapy, classroom observation, teacher training.

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI
Staff psychologist - 7/1985 to 1/1986
Adult Stroke/Orthopedic (Inpatient)
Psychological and neuropsychological assessment, individual and group counseling, family education classes.

Anorexia & Bulimia Center (A.B.C.), Honolulu, HI (founding member)
Group Private Practice - 1983 to 1985
Adult Eating Disorders  (Outpatient)
Individual therapy, family therapy and homogeneous groups. Public education lectures.

Veterans Administration, Honolulu, HI
Data Analysis Consultant -1981 to 1983
Design and analysis of on-going research project

Greer-Woodycrest Children's Services, Pomona, NY
Staff psychologist 1980 (Summer & Christmas)
Child/Mentally Retarded/Autistic  (Residential)
Individual training for severely autistic child

Kalihi-Palama Counseling Services, Honolulu, HI
9/1981 to 5/1983
Child/School/Family  (Outpatient)

Internships & Practicums (Training Sites)


Hawaii State Hospital, Kaneohe, HI
9/1980  to 5/1981
Adolescent/Adult (Inpatient)

Behavior Therapy Clinic, Honolulu, HI
1/1981  to 12/1981
Adult (Outpatient)

Kalihi-Palama Counseling Services, Honolulu, HI
9/1980 to12/1980
Child/Family (Outpatient)

Science Journalism:

Tom Lucas Productions, New York, New York
 06/1999 to 08/1999
Research & proposal writing for three different science TV documentaries at different stages of production in the pipeline

Popular Science, New York, New York
09/99 to 11/99
Reporting & writing several short pieces for the December '99, January 2000 & February 2000 issues. Working on longer features for

National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation/Science Friday
01/2000 to 04/2000
Produced one 20-minute segment and one full hour segment. Weekly call screening of listeners phoning in during the show. 


"Once Upon A Magnetic Mattress,", an e-publication of the American Council on Science and Health, August 28, 2002.
Magnet cure scam bilks senior citizens.

"Perilous Plastic?", an e-publication of the American Council on Science and Health, July 27, 2002.
An unsubstantiated health  scare, starting in Hawaii, floods email nationwide.

"Does the 'Virtual' Couch (eTherapy) Actually Help?"  December 2001.
Psychology hits the Internet.

"Computer Program Brings Lagging (Dyslexic) Brains Up To Speed (Maybe)"   October 2001.
A possible permanent cure for language-impaired children and adults.

"The Fat-Loving Gene,"   October 2001.
Eating fatty foods may induce those who are genetically pre-disposed to crave fat even more.

"Dark Eyes May Increase Your Cataract Risk,"   September 2001.
Although dark skin protects against the sun, dark eyes may do the opposite.

"Lung Cancer Research: Four New Approaches,"   August 2001.
The latest discoveries from the American Thoracic Society.

"Do You Understand How Memory Works? Probably Not,"  August 2001.
Many common beliefs about memory are completely wrong.

"New Test Judges Driving Ability & Teaches It, Too,"  August 2001.
Psychologists develop a test for seniors that picks out unsafe drivers better than the usual eye chart test.

"Oral Insulin Approaches Practicality," July 2001.
An insulin pill, still in development, may someday replace and be better than injected insulin.

"Luck, Risk, Fate: Why It Pays to Play It Safe," May 2001.
Most people who ignore safety and health precautions are not harmed; but most people who are harmed are the ones who ignored safety and health precautions.

"Block Painful Nerve 'Memories'--Medicate Preemptively," May 2001.
The more physical pain you've had in the past, the more sensitive you'll be to it in the future.

"Cancer Patients Can Feel Better With Yoga," February 2001.
Yoga, not as a cure, but as an emotional and physical booster.

"My Pain Is Not Your Pain," October 2000.
Individual differences in pain perception due to genetics and evidenced by brain scans.

"Hope for Older Infertile Women," March 2000.
Experimental fertility procedure aimed at preserving the genetic link.

"Families of Substance Abusers Can Help," February 2000.
Positive alternative to Al-Anon.

"Should We Thank God For Julian Whitaker?" Priorities For Health, December 1999.
Cover story. Skeptical treatment of "miracle doctor" for publication of American Council on Science and Health

"Sun Screen for Your Clothes" & "Why does sweat contain salt?" Popular Science, January, 2000, p. 34, 84.
New laundry detergent additive & answer to "FYI: Ask Popular Science"

"Deregulation: The Everything Utility" & "Why does the room seem to keep rotating after I've stopped spinning in circle?" Popular Science, December 1999, p. 90, 124.
Power companies that sell more than power & answer to "FYI: Ask Popular Science"

"Skating Pain," American Skating World, September 1999.
A stubborn adult figure skater refuses to take care of herself

"The Real Stuff," Skeptical Inquirer, January, 2000. (book review)
History of space exploration for readers who don't believe in little green men

"A perilous quest for perfection," Scarsdale Inquirer, June 4, 1999, p.7.
Eating disorders in Scarsdale High School for local community weekly

"Communication Skills," Chapter 1 in Advanced Skills and Competency Assessment For Caregivers, by Francie Wolgin, Brady-Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ., 1999.
Textbook for nursing assistants

"Shepherds Are For Sheep," (double book review), Free Inquiry, Vol. 16, No. 2, Spring 1996, pp. 53-55.
Serious, formal writing for a national publication of humanists

"Binging, Purging: Ordeal Of Anxiety," Ka Nuhou Kau Wela, May 26, 1981, p. 2.
Hawaiian newspaper

"Practice Makes Perfect, And Rewarding Makes Practice," American Suzuki Journal 7(5), 1979
Newsletter of the American Suzuki Association for music teachers and parents

"Tips For Suzuki Piano Parents," American Suzuki Journal, 4(3), 1976
Newsletter of the American Suzuki Association for music teachers and parents

"How To Buy A Piano," Music Journal, Vol. XXXIII, No. 6, July 1975, pp. 10-12, 61.
Serious, conversational consumer advice in a national special interest magazine

The Hunger Workbook:A Buffet of 128 Things-To-Do For Overeaters, Dieters, Bingers & Purgers
Unpublished manuscript

The following were all published in a quarterly newsletter, the New York Area Skeptic. (Informal writing, preaching to the choir.)

"1996-97 Essay Contest Review," Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 1997.

"1995-96 Essay Contest Review," Vol. 8, No. 3, Summer 1996.

"A Reply To Jeff Corey's Comments [On Designing Valid Experiments]," Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring 1996.

"Awards Barbeque," & "Spirit Communications & Predictions," Vol. 7, No. 4, Autumn 1995.

"Thanks, NYASk Members!" & "1995 Essay Contest Review" & "Seventh Annual Joel Serebin Memorial

Student Essay Contest Winners," Vol. 7, No. 3, Summer 1995.

"We Can't Judge A Book By Its Title," Vol. 7, No. 1; Winter 1994-95.

"Prescient Dreams And Psychics: Behind The Scenes At The Gordon Elliot Show," Vol. 7, No. 1; Winter 1994-95, pp. 9-10.

"Volunteers Made It Work," & "1993-94 Essay Contest Review," & "NYASk Meeting Features Acupuncturist," Vol. 6, No. 3, Summer 1994.

"Thanks, NYASk Members!" & "NYASk Names Contest Winners" & "1993 Essay Contest Review," Vol. 5, No. 4, Autumn 1993.

"The Skeptic's Toolbox Review" & "Attention NYASk Researchers Physicians!" Vol. 5, No.1,Winter, 1992-93.

"1992 Essay Contest Review" & "NYASk Names Winners," Vol. 4, No. 4, Fall 1992.

"Essay Contest," Vol. 4., No. 3, Summer 1992.

"Essay Contest Review," Vol. 4, No. 1, Fall 1991.

* Contact me for a copy of any of my writings.

Nada Mangialetti, Ph.D.

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